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I am very excited to start my column on OTR’s website.  Something I have always wanted to do was share some of my thoughts and stories in written form.  I have been told numerous times that I should write a book- this column will do 😉  As you get to know me throughout my written passages, I hope that I can give you something to relate to, something that will educate you through my personal experiences and knowledge of tennis and fitness, and something that will provide you with hope, inspiration and courage to persevere with you dreams in life and keep moving forward.

To begin with, I am a 25-year-old currently living in St. Louis, Missouri.  Born and raised here, I grew up with my triplet siblings- Joseph and Hannah, our mom and dad, and our little sister Sarah.  We are a very close-knit family, despite all three of my siblings living in different cities, miles part.

I guess to start from the very beginning, I’ll tell you how I began playing tennis- the greatest sport ever.  When my triplets and I were in kindergarten, our parents told us to pick a sport to play, so that we would not be competing against each other.  My brother chose ice hockey, my sister chose gymnastics, and I chose tennis.  To this day I have no idea why.  Neither of my parents played, none of my family members played, I don’t even know how I knew about the sport at that age.  But I picked it, and it stuck.  I fell in love with the game and there was no looking back.

With every passage I write, I plan on sharing either a fitness, tennis, or health tip, a story, or an experience of mine.  I am off to New York City to attend the US Open this week.  I will be attending the WTCA conference on the 26th-27th just days before the tournament.  I will have the privilege to hear a number of amazing speakers such as Lindsay Davenport, Mary Pierce, and Judy Murray.  I am sure that I will learn a lot, and come back with some stories, as the US Open is the most exciting tournament of the year 🙂

God Bless,